Monday, December 30, 2013

Husband says wife had 250 friends and obscene messages on Facebook !! Wife says dowry demand !!! Story of a beautiful life spoiled

Husband says wife had 250 friends and obscene messages on Facebook !! Wife says dowry demand !!! Story of a beautiful life spoiled 


MYSTERY: Newlywed wife claims 'dowry harassment' while husband sees 'obscene messages' in her Facebook account|Dec 30, 2013, 09:42:00 

New Delhi: Interacting with people on Facebook proved to be troublesome for a newlywed woman. At first, her husband threw her out of his home and then accused her. Though, in this case, the woman claimed that she was innocent and alleged her husband and in-laws. According to the woman, her in-laws are torturing and accusing her without any reason. The husband of the woman had objection on his wife talking to other people on the social networking site but the woman said that she only talked to her friends or family members. She does not talk to strangers on Facebook.
Looking at the Facebook profile of the woman, her husband came to know that she had 250 people in her friends' list. Also, some obscene messages and pictures are posted on her wall. When he asked about the friends' list to his wife, she explained that they are just her relatives and close friends. Thus, the husband tried to make her understand to stop using Facebook but when she did not listen, he asked her to leave the house.
The woman is a resident of Chandra Nagar in Moradabad area of Uttar Pradesh. She was married to a Ghaziabad based computer engineer a year ago. Everything was going well after a few days of marriage but then the Facebook incident started creating troubles in their relationship. On December 20, the newlywed accused her in-laws of dowry harassment. According to the woman, her husband used to doubt her without any reason. He had objection on her interacting with the relatives too, she said.
On the other side, the accused husband said that his wife has more than 250 friends on Facebook. He said one day when he opened her account, he was stunned. He read many obscene messages in her inbox. When he stopped her from using Facebook, she started fighting with him and went to her parental home. The woman claims that her husband and in-laws threw her out of the house.



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