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Victim of a false Dowry or Rape Law? Want Justice for Men? You have a DATE on 5.5.2015

Attention Gents, Gentlewomen and all concerned populi!... 

Victim of a false Dowry or Rape Law? Want Justice for Men? You have a DATE on 5.5.2015

As the country debates bringing a law on Marital Rape, a Delhi Court recently acquitted a husband and his family charged under various sections of IPC including rape. The woman admitted to have filed a false rape case in order to get a divorce and compensation. The court acquitted the woman's husband, parents-in-law, three brothers-in-law, two sisters-in-law of the offences under sections 498A (cruelty), 406 (criminal breach of trust), 376 (rape), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 354 (molestation) read with 34 (common intention) of IPC – in all 5 Men and 3 Women of which husband was sent behind bars on false charges. 

THIS IS NOT THE ONLY CASE. About a month ago two young boys incarcerated for one year for an alleged "gang rape" were acquitted by a Delhi Court. In December last year, three young boys who spent 9 months in jail in a gang rape case were acquitted after they produced a CD where complainant was seen demanding 5 crores in exchange for the false case. In February this year, a young boy hanged himself in Jhansi as his wife implicated him and his family in a false dowry and molestation case. Barely few days after this, a young doctor injected himself to death in Asansol implicated in a false 498A by his wife. 

These cases are a drop in the ocean of false cases that are filling our police stations and courts today in the name of stringent laws protection women from violence. Every single case of atrocity on a woman makes it to the front pages of newspapers but these cases are barely reported and rarely discussed in the main stream media.

Pain of men falsely accused and tears of families undergoing extreme humiliation due to soul shattering allegations has been conveniently ignored by all – lawmakers, media and the society. 

Latest media reports suggest, government is now serious on controlling misuse of the widely abused act – IPC 498A. And how? By making it compoundable!  Ask anyone who has suffered a false 498A and he would tell you what a joke this is. As per National Crime Records Bureau out of about 11 Lac cases filed between 1998 and 2013, more than 91000 cases were compounded when the law apparently is "non compoundable." Statistical evidence proves abuse of this provision has not abated in the state of Andra Pradesh where the law is already compoundable. 

What is interesting to note is, several organizations that have been working for a decade on abuse of this provision, have not even been called for a discussion by the lawmakers before an amendment is made to the law. So who has advised the changes? Ones who have turn a blind eye to the misuse or ones who perhaps don't even recognize there is a misuse? I don't know the answer. But I have a proposition for those who have suffered silently – it's time to speak up. And this is the only time!! 

Half the population of this country has NO GOVERNMENT BODY to represent their woes or even a 'helpline' where they could call for help if abused, ridiculed or in distress. SIFONE – 08882498498 - a volunteer run helpline by Save Indian Family – receives about 130 calls every day by abused men. 

On May 5, 2015 men, women, families from all over India are gathering at Jantar Mantar to raise voice against gross abuse of IPC 498A and demand creation of a Men's Commission to allow men of this country also to live a life of dignity. The protest also marks culmination of 2500KM Journey of Dr. Santosh Potdar and his wife Geeta , who have travelled all the way from Karnataka to New Delhi on a tricycle, demanding creation of a Men's Welfare Ministry and scrapping of 498A – a law that's been abused much more than used. If you don't speak up and raise your voice against INJUSTICE – no one would.  So keep yourself free on May 5, 2015. You have a date with your own self, where you speak up for justice to you and your family too.  




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