Friday, August 1, 2014

Good news for 498a women !! while rape murder canNOT b quashed, dowry case CAN b quashed !! moolaah..moolaah...moolaah

Hon. SC of India says cases of Rape, murder etc cannot be compromised and compounded, but dowry cases can be diluted AFTER husband pays money and wife agrees !!!

There is NO talk about stopping FALSE cases or REFUSING to accept FALSE dowry cases !!

  • The honourable supreme court has clarified on which type of cases / crimes can be compounded and which cannot be
  • The court has categorically stated that "...Offences which involve moral turpitude, grave offences like rape, murder etc. cannot be effaced by quashing the proceedings because that will have harmful effect on the society. Such offences cannot be said to be restricted to two individuals or two groups. If such offences are quashed, it may send wrong signal to the society. ...." ref case here :
  • However the court has been kind enough to state that dowry cases can be diluted and sentence reduced after women taking money ; Ref case here :
  • This should be good news for women filing dowry cases !! Right ??
  • They can file a quick dowry case, arrest the mother in law, extract vengeance, extract money from the husband and go on with life ... !!
  • I see women empowerment ... do you ???


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