Friday, November 30, 2012

The Lawyer and cricket bat

I like what Papu (Delhi) once wrote about lawyers in matrimonial cases that husbands fight these days ..;

what he said is something *like this*
- assume you are on to a game of cricket
- the lawyer is the bat
- you are the player
- having a good / strong bat helps …but NOTHING more
- IF you let the lawyer (bat) decide the game you are screw3d
- IF you do NOT know the game you are screw3d
- IF you think the bat will do everything for you you are screw3d

- IF you are a good player, even an average bat is good enough
- remember you are the player, you make the strategy, you decide which ball to answer, you decide when to strike etc
- and I have to add the following
- Once you know the above the bat will know its place
- Once you network with 20.. 50 .. 100 other harassed husbands the knowledge base you have will be 10 times what any average lawyer has
- Assume that Waiting time / ok playing time !! is un limited and you are waiting for the best ball
- DON'T FORGET TO enjoy the game