Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Court to man: Sell house, pay alimony

Sad State of India :
#  If a man is uneducated, unemployed he can't get married as NO female will marry him
#  If he is educated, well employed and has a house, wife can sue him , auction the house and take the money !!!

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Court to man: Sell house, pay alimony

DC | Pramila Krishnan | 22nd Jan 2013

Chennai: The Egmore magistrate court has sent the Chennai district protection officer to Kerala to take over and sell a posh house of a man who had declared that he was jobless and could not provide monthly maintenance to his wife.
The court came to the rescue of a young wife in Chennai and asked the officer to attach the man’s property in the name of the wife and make provisions to provide monetary relief of Rs 30 lakh immediately. Sources said the man Ravi (names changed) was working as an IT professional abroad when the marriage was fixed.
But now he claims that he has no source of income to pay compensation.
“The bride’s family gave seedanam and had borne all marriage expenses which worked out to nearly Rs 30 lakh. Within three months of the marriage, Priya, the wife, complained that she was severely abused and asked to bring more dowry. Unable to put up with the physical and mental abuse meted out to her, Priya left her husband’s house and moved to the court in 2012,” sources said.
Court sources said a counselling session, arranged to bring amity between the couple, did not bear fruit.
“Priya was dejected and lost all hope to lead a happy life with Ravi after the arguments. He was also not cooperative. She sought Rs 50,000 as monthly compensation. When Ravi denied and said he was jobless, the court asked the protection officer to attach the property and accrue the money by sale or other means for monetary allowance of Priya,” the sources said.
Advocate Sudha Ramalingam said the ‘Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005’ had a provision that when a husband who has no tangible income but has properties in his name — moveable or immovable — they can be attached and brought to sale and the proceeds could be taken for the arrears of maintenance.