Monday, January 28, 2013

oh the poor thing... what will she do ..tut tut .... she just used acid instead of mehindi !!!

who said women are NOT as capable as the worst terrorists ???? in spite of 84 laws on hand that protect women, in spite of the society falling over one another to support women .... they also use acid !!! 

Woman throws acid on three siblings over property dispute

MumbaiA Bandra-based woman on Monday was charged for attacking her three sisters and one-year-old niece by throwing acid at them. She was reportedly angry after being denied more than her share of the family property. The accused's teenage son is also wanted in the case.

According to the police, accused Najma Jagirdar, 35, had a share in her mother's property in Nallasopara. After her mother's death, the property was sold off and the amount was equally divided between Jagirdar and her four sisters.

According to the police, Jagirdar, after getting her share, started demanding an additional amount of Rs. 50,000, as she was the eldest among the siblings. "However, Jagirdar's siblings refused the demand," said police inspector DS Patil of Bandra police station. This created a rift between Jagirdar and her siblings, and they would often quarrel about the issue.

The officers added that on Monday, Jagirdar called her sisters to her home near Bandra reclamation, saying that her husband, Iqbal, was not well and that he had been vomiting blood. Her three sisters, Saira Bano, Daulat Bi, and Reshma, went to her place on Monday evening to visit their supposedly ailing brother-in-law.

A police officer said that while they were having tea, Najma's 18-year-old son Zeeshan Ali got a white bottle and threw acid from it on the women. In the meantime, Jagirdar also removed a similar bottle from her purse and threw the acid at them.

After the sisters raised a cry, neighbours informed the police about the incident. "We have launched a hunt for the accused," added the officer.