Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ablaa seeks 50000 pm, after 4 mnths THIRD marriage!! WHY DID 3rd guy marry her ?? because sex is urgent need ??

Ablaa who took good moolah from two earlier husbands seeks 50000 pm, aftr JUST 4 months long THIRD marriage!! My only question is WHY DID this (3rd) guy marry her?? Are men so much behind sex ? Is it because prostitution is NOT allowed in India ? what am I missing ???

AP - Hyderabad District Court decision - Salient points 

* Third marriage for abla
* first marriage divorced, second husband died (or probably killed), so ablaa starts all over again third time !!!
* ablaa is collecting all moola from second husband's PF etc for which there is proof 
* ablaa marries third guy and starts dowry complaint, Father in law mis behaved complaint, brother in law misbehaved complaint etc etc within just 4 months of marriage 
* ablaa seeks ONLY Rs 50000 per month from third guy for self and daughter who is born from second husband  !!!
* The Honorable court grants JUST 10000 per month and asks her to seek other remedy elsewhere !!!!

court order  : 

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