Saturday, November 9, 2013

maid dead, probably beaten to death by violent wife; MP dhananjay's wife threatened suicide, exhibited un controlled rage;

MP dhananjay's wife threatened suicide and had uncontrolled rage his DIVORCE petition claims !! his maid is dead, probably beaten to death by this violent wife !! long live ablaa naaris of India !!


Domestic help abuse: Problems began in 2010, Jagriti's husband says

Raj Shekhar, TNN Nov 9, 2013, 01.43AM IST


Was Jagriti Singh's violent and abusive treatment of her domestic helps part of a long-running behavioural disorder? The divorce petition filed by her husband and Jaunpur MP, Dhananjay Singh, in June this year, says so. The petition, which TOI has seen, claims Jagriti's behavioural problems started soon after their son's birth in July 2010.

The two married on June 29, 2009 and lived together in Jaunpur, UP, where Dhananjay was an MLA. After a few months, he was elected to the Lok Sabha and they shifted to 175, South Avenue, where their son was born next July. 

"The respondent (Jagriti) underwent a sudden behavioural change after this and often screamed at and misbehaved with the petitioner (Dhananjay)... She often fights with her husband and threatens to commit suicide and implicate his family," the petition states.

Further in the document, Dhananjay alleges that Jagriti used to assault three of their servants, Santosh, Nishaad and Ram. "None of the staff is able to continue to work at the house nor is the petitioner able to live with respondent, which is why he has shifted to another flat (number 126) in the vicinity." She allegedly assaulted Dhananjay's personal assistant, Sanjay Sharma, and abused and beat up their drivers, Jitender Rathore and Rajesh Singh.

In July 2010, Dhananjay claims, his cousin, Radhika Singh, came to stay with them and help Jagriti look after their son. "She was also misbehaved with, abused and beaten up... She was eventually thrown out of the house in October 2012 by the respondent," reads the petition. In December 2011, Jagriti allegedly abused and turned Dhananjay's 80-year-old father out of their house.

Dhananjay says in the petition that he took her to a doctor in May 2012. "The doctor prescribed her medicines and asked her to continue with the medication for a year to get well." However, Jagriti allegedly tore off the prescription on reaching home and threatened to commit suicide if she was taken to the doctor again.



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