Saturday, February 14, 2015

7 cases where wife was denied maintenance or awarded lower maintenance !!

1. Income & means of wife be taken into account, for determining maintenance payable to her. Supreme court of India :

2. Wife's means or inability to maintain herself has to be proven for her to get maintenance !! :

3. No Int Maint us 24 HMA for working wife (doctor). Father to maintain kid ! Karnataka HC, 2005 :

4. Ex parte maint u/s 125 CrPC set aside IF husband not allowed to defend, to lead evidence!! Madras HC :

5. An employed wife with sufficient means (income ) gets NO maintenance under sec 24 HMA. Decree by Hon. Justice P Sathasivam Madras HC. :

6. If wife looses maint in civil case, she looses right to file sec 125 and claim maint !! Bombay HC :

7. The findings of Magistrate under Sec 125 CrPC not final and the parties can legitimately agitate their rights in a civil court. It is the duty of the Court, before making the order, to find definitely, though in a summary manner, the paternity of child. :


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