Saturday, February 16, 2013


At times when Husbands are falsely accused for taking dowry, at times when Justice is turned upside down, when parents are about to be arrested or have already been arrested, when honest men are defamed and when sincere husbands are dragged to trials, it becomes the bounden duty of every law abiding human being to fight back

Such a defense , a defense to uphold one's own honour and uphold justice is currently aided by filing Tax Evasion petitions

A pauper father in law, or an un scrupulous father in law who never gave dowry , nor accounted for it ever, could be easily brought to book by filing a TEP or Tax evasion petition

This post shares a time tested TEP format for the benefit of the law abiding husbands , their sisters, mothers, and in the interest of justice

SathyamEva JeyathE !!!!

Link to file

Short link to file

This is a sincere contribution by one of the young lions who has fought and won a TEP battle !!

Should you find anything factually incorrect or wish to give any suggestions or improvements please post your comments here on the blog and it would eventually reach me