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No mediation officers in Kanpur Nagar since Feb '12; all posts vacant, family court cases drag on!

No mediation officers in Kanpur Nagar since Feb '12; all posts vacant, family court cases drag on!


Absence of mediation officers affects work at counselling centre

Anant Shekher Misra, TNN Sep 30, 2013, 12.13PM IST

KANPUR: The work of Paramarsh Evam Sulah Samjhauta Kendra (Advisory and compromise counselling centre) in Kanpur court is being affected due to absence of mediation officers in Kanpur Nagar.

There are a total of four posts of mediation officers in the centre but all are lying vacant since February 2012. State Vidhik Sewa Pradhikaran had scrutinized the applications of 12 candidates for the same and convened their interviews in February 2012 but no appointments were made. According to sources, the district secretary had sent a few reminders in this regard but there was no reply from the state pradhikaran.

According to records, earlier there were four mediation officers- MS Bakshi, Meenu Dubey, Sukhbir Singh Malik and Asha Singh. But after their term expired on February 2102 , no appointments were made to fill the vacant posts in the centre.

The records revealed that majority of cases received by this centre are from family court. On an average, the centre receives 50 files per month from the family court for mediation. To solve these cases the mediation officers used to call both husband and wife and make all efforts to reunite them. While many times they succeeded but if they felt that divorce was inevitable they used to convey their advice to judicial official family court.

The mediation officers were paid Rs 200 per day and had to sit twice in a week. In all there were four sittings of two groups in a week. During their tenure MS Bakshi, a mediation officer stated that money was secondary for them and they felt it to be a social service to help a family to reunite.

In the absence of mediation officers, the family court of Kanpur Nagar is sending all the cases to mediation centre of Kanpur Nagar. According to family court official the Apex court had passed a clear direction that all the matrimonial cases, in which both the parties had appeared, be sent to mediation centre and every effort be made to save the marriage. Earlier the court used to send all these cases to Pramarsh Evam Sulah Samjhouta Kendra and mediation centre. In this way the work was divided and was speedy but now centralised at mediation centre, the work speed is also being affected.

Gagan Bharti, secretary zila vidhik sewa pradhikaran, while talking to TOI, said reminders have been sent to state pradhikaran but there was no reply from them so far. However, mediation work is not being affected as mediation centre is working with full capacity.



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