Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Having said that the Indian law is anti male.....

Having said that the matrimonial law , the law on alimony, the dowry law etc is anti male, the one way male can safeguard himself is by NOT marrying !!

how about a majority of the law abiding, honest, sincere male members of this country delaying ....NOT stopping but delaying marriage by 5 years ???

just delaying??

the whole marriage industry, the whole pandals, jewellery, saree industry, the banquet / food / restaurant industry will WAKE UP ....JUST WAKE UP

half the new cars, 50% of the nursing homes and maternity , half the new house buying will stop

they will all run for answers and find out why we ...the honest men folk haven't got married

IF the rich and poweful decide, the Indian laws would be changed in matter of months ...NOT years ...

However do you think ANY ...ANY of your unmarried friends or cousins or nephews will NOT marry and save themselves from the legal rape ??


therein lies the answer

men are ready to get raped for the sake of some sex ...pure and simple