Thursday, March 7, 2013

Will they castrate this cop ? "..Cop accused of rape seeks anticipatory bail.."

The so called civil society and government are baying for the blood of men and wanting to castrate boys as young as 16

why ??? oh this terrible thing called rape ....

all of a sudden Indian men are capable only of rape and are worthy of castration at a fast paced trial

Now .... one cop has been accused of rape ....

So , our doubt is, will this cop be castrated ? or ?

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Cop accused of rape seeks anticipatory bail

TNN Feb 6, 2013, 02.48AM IST

MUMBAI: A 33-year-old sub-inspector, who is accused of raping a woman on false promise of marriage, has filed an anticipatory bail application in the sessions court. In his application, sub-inspector Sachin Dabholkar termed the complaint false and said the woman was fascinated with his job profile. and used to call him Singham, the name of a cop in a Hindi film. Dabholkar submitted that the woman had threatened him that if he refused to marry her he would have to cough up Rs 10 lakh.
The woman allgedly met him at Chembur police station after she went there to lodge a mobile phone theft complaint. Dhabolkar submitted that the victim used to follow him around constantly and embarrass him on duty. He denied having any physical relations with her and said that his residential premises were never used for any purpose. Dhabolkar further submitted that he had evidence to disapprove the victim's allegations.
During the hearing, the court said the investigating officer may consider recording the details of the call records which Dhabolkar told the court he wants to furnish to the police. The matter was adjourned to Thursday.
"In case these details are taken down by the investigating officer, he shall, if deemed necessary, submit additional report in that regard," judge M A Lovekar said.