Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why does female nudity cause a stir ? Is it because we men can't hold our harmones ?

One more women's day and some more nudity around the world

More mud slinging on men and nudity in the name of liberation

This has become rather usual

Who are these women getting nude for ?

Obviously for men to see and react

I don't think nudity would work in a woman only world where every female will have basically the same stuff

If so , Why does nudity cause such a stir ? Why does it get covered more than mother in laws getting jailed or innocent men being robbed for alimony ? Why is the international press worried about unknown females walking nude ?

Are we ...yes the men folk , who form a majority or writers , journalist , politicians rulers and the lot , are we captivated / shocked / flung out of our armchairs by young female nudity ?

Are we drooling and leaking at the sight of boobs and skin ?

If so How do we control these feelings ?

How do we take the sting off this nonsense ?

How do we turn the focus on to the real woman ....the street vendor , the suffering poor girl child , the innocent accident victim and the hunted down mother in law ?

How ?