Thursday, September 27, 2012

தன் மகளையே கற்பழித்ததாய் கணவன் மீது மனைவி புகார் !!!

பெங்களூரில் பிரெஞ்சு தூதரக அதிகாரி கைது !!!!

தன் மகளையே கற்பழித்ததாய் கணவன் (தூதரக அதிகாரி ) மீது மனைவி புகார் !!! 

மனைவி தினம் ஒரு ஆணுடன் ஷாப்பிங் சென்றதாய் வீட்டு வண்டி ஓட்டுனர் சாட்சி 


வீட்டு வேலை செய்பவர்கள் கணவனுக்கு சாதகாமாய் சாட்சி 


முதல் நாள் கணவனுடன் உடல் உறவு வைத்துகொண்ட மனைவி ஆணுறையை எடுத்து சென்றாளா ????

Bail plea comes up for hearing on Thursday

Child did not cry after Mazurier took her to bedroom, says nanny

Lawyers for French diplomat Pascal Mazurier, who was arrested after his wife complained to the cops that he had raped their little daughter, feel the statement of the family’s nanny is a strong point in his favour
Hemanth Kashyap

Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 06:43:17 AM
The lawyers representing French diplomat Pascal Mazurier, who has been accused by his wife of raping their three and a half-year-old daughter, are optimistic that he will be granted bail and will subsequently be acquitted of the charge, based on the contradiction in the DNA reports as well as the statement of a key witness in the case. The High Court has posted the matter for hearing on Thursday. 
Mazurier was arrested by the city police on June 19 on the basis of his wife Suja Jones’s complaint. She had alleged that Geetha Suresh Kumar, their nanny, told her Mazurier had taken their child to the bedroom and she (Geetha) heard the child crying. In her statement to the police, however, Geetha has denied saying so. A copy of the chargesheet containing the statements of three employees of the family, including Geetha, is with Bangalore Mirror. 
In her complaint to the High Grounds police on June 14, Suja had said, “On June 13, my husband had come home at around 1:30 in the afternoon for lunch. I had to leave home as I had to collect the report (pertaining to her daughter) from Enfold Trust and left home at around 2 pm. At the time I left the house, my younger son Joshuva and daughter were at home and a part-time nanny, Geetha Suresh Kumar, was also there. I returned home at around 5 pm and I found my husband’s lunch plate, with food in it, in the fridge. Geetha informed me that as soon as I left the house, my husband took my daughter to one of the bedrooms and shut the door. The nanny reported that my husband came out of the room around 3.15 in the afternoon and left for work and she heard the child crying. I immediately examined my daughter and found redness around the genitals. When I asked my daughter, she said my husband had hurt her.”
In her statement to the investigating officer, Geetha has said, “When I was at the house that time, only on three days did Pascal come home in the afternoon. He used to love his children a lot. Whenever Suja used to go out, she used to take her daughter. On holidays and Saturdays, Pascal used to take the kids out. On June 13, when Pascal came home for lunch, his daughter was watching television and Pascal started having his lunch. His daughter started crying and Pascal gave her food and consoled her. Then, he took her to a bedroom and she slept there. Then, keeping his food in the fridge, he left for his office at around 3.15 pm. The child woke up and started asking for Suja, and I gave her food and consoled her. At 6 pm, Suja came home and asked me whether her daughter was crying and whether she was feeling any pain. I said there was nothing like that. I didn’t say to Suja that the child cried when Pascal took her to a bedroom. “On June 13, when Pascal took her to a bedroom, there was no sound of her crying. She is such a girl that she cries a lot even when touched lightly; if anything wrong had happened, definitely she would have cried. After Pascal went to his office that afternoon, the child didn’t tell me anything about any kind of pain and I also didn’t say anything like this to Suja. From what I know about Pascal, he is not such a person who can sexually abuse his own daughter,” Geetha has said. 
Two other employees of the family have voiced similar sentiments in their statements to the cops. In his statement, driver Charles has said, “Everyday, Suja used to go to Commercial Street and I would wait in the car till she finished her shopping. She used to go to parties at Taj Vivanta, UB City and Taj West End till 1 am at night. Three girls and one youth used to accompany her every day. Pascal went to parties just four times, that too with Suja. On June 14, I dropped Pascal to his office and then Suja went to meet someone with her children, and her daughter looked quite normal in the car. I am not going to believe Pascal could do something like this.”
In her statement, cook Jyothi has said, “Pascal used to come home in the afternoon and would play with his children, and then go back to work. From what I have seen, Pascal is not someone who can abuse his own daughter.” 
After his arrest, Mazurier had told the police, “There was a change in Suja’s attitude in the last few years. When I reached home every evening, she would tell me to look after the children and go out to party. A day before she made the complaint, she had sex with me and we used a condom. Later, she took the condom saying she would throw it in a dustbin. I don’t know what happened after that. … I think Suja has lodged a complaint as she might have wanted a divorce, and I think she didn’t want to come to South Africa, where I was transferred to.”
Mazurier’s advocate C V Nagesh said they will base their arguments, inter alia, on the DNA report which said the swab samples taken from the child did not match her father’s DNA, the statement of the nanny, Suja’s refusal to provide her and her daughter’s blood samples for examination, and Suja not allowing the child to talk to the cops about the alleged incident.