Thursday, September 20, 2012

My doubts / suspicion on FDI In retail

My doubts / suspicion on FDI In retail

1. FDI in Retail is going to be the VERY costly variety only

2. It will benefit a FEW Indians ... in costly jewellery, perfumes , costly apparel (branded) watches and the like ... NOT the amm adhmi; all this talk about benefitting 50 crore Indians is crap

3. It is being portrayed as something great for ALL ...but in reality it will benefit a select few

4. Billions ... yes ..BILLIONS of rupees will be sent out of India in the name of profits, so while some millions will be invested in the short term, billions will go out in the long term

5. don't tell me that Wall Mart and IKEA are here to do charity and help India. BMW and BENZ are here to make HARD CASH !! on the gullible Indian consumer

6. 1000s probably 10s of 1000s of family owned businesses will be wiped out

7. large business will do better tax planning than small biz so there again government will lose

8. Indian producers are bound be squeezed by larger buyers than the smaller family owned shop

9. If a chappal is cheaper in china than in India, Wall mart will source it in China ... the small time Kholapuri chappal seller in India will never do that

10. they keep talking of infra development along with foreign FDI ... Well when car companies came to India they told me the same ... they said foreign car manufacturers will lay roads ; NOT one KM of Rural road has been laid by any MNC car major ... Indian tax payer money is spent on all roads.. In fact metro / train development is MUCH MUCH better than letting all cars in India... ALSO these petrol guzling foreign cars are bankrupting India of valuable Forex for buying costly crude oil !!