Thursday, September 20, 2012

fountain of anti male laws !!!

There is NO meaning in trying to use reason, %s , logic etc against these anti male laws

These anti male laws are founded based on a few simple facts

Fact # 1. In today's India there is a shortage of women

Fact # 2. Indian men run behind women to get married !!
2.1. Shaadi is considered essential for successful life ...first naukri (job) then shaadi (marriage) ....
2.2. . boys and men are drilled to aspire for both
2.3. You could be a millionaire or a billionnaire ... but people will ask you where is your wife ??? !!!! before they ask you how high you can jump or what is your biceps size marriage is sine qua non

fact # 3 3. Men in general (worldwife) and Indian men are told to sacrifice ! sacrifice for your sister, mother , brother etc etc ... so they are brought up like mules to bear the load

fact # 4. The government in India, today and in the last 20 years, plagued by corruption scandals, in fighting and exposes etc wants you (common man) to be occupied fighting other enemies . This is true of ALL major political parties, be it rulers and / or major opposition parties and / or state , regional political parties

fact # 5 : the common man has NOT yet woken up to the facts mentioned above !!! i,e he is NOT aware of his own weakness and NOT fully aware of the politician's divide and rule policies; Common man has also not fully understood how women have changed; Add the general lack of legal knowledge and apathy towards fellow men's suffering and you have a lethal cocktail !!

Its because of all this that you get anti male, anti family laws, almost every year

From these laws spring court cases, blackmail, extortion of men and their families

Unless men unite under ONE ideology ... NOT one poster or banner ...but ONE ideology, and fight or a common cause this ANTI MALE actions will NOT stop