Saturday, September 15, 2012

The mother who lost the kid because of her MENTAL PROBLEMS is back In India trying to grab the kids !!!!

Part Forgotten story : The mother who lost the kids to child services @ Norway because of her MENTAL PROBLEMS, is back In India trying to grab the kids !!!!

Comments :
Initially she seems to have tried to grab the kids
Then she filed a general diary against the husband's relatives in a police station !!
Now she is trying the "abla Nari" route !!

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Mother seeks Sabitri help to get kids back

TNN Sep 8, 2012, 05.12AM IST

Sagarika Chakraborty, the mother of the two children who were put under the care of their uncle by a Norwegian court, called on social welfare minister Sabitri Mitra at Writers' Buildings on Friday, expressing deep anguish about the children being kept away from her.

Sagarika later claimed she was concerned because her children were staying with her elderly in-laws who could not take good care of them. "The children are unwell and I have come to the minister to seek help," she said.
Mitra later who heard Sagarika out, said she had called the child welfare committee (CWC) in Burdwan and asked them to inquire into the matter and see what is best for the children. "I want the children to be back with their mother," the minister said.

However, officials explained that there were legal procedures involved in this and they had to be followed. In Norway, both parents had given an undertaking to the court in Stavenger that they agreed to the children being handed over to Sagarika's brother-in-law Arunabhas Bhattacharya.

The children - 3-year-old Abhigyan and 1-year-old Aishwarya - returned to the country from Norway in April, 2012, nearly a year after Norwegian authorities placed them in foster care, citing "emotional disconnect" with their parents, ending a bitter and prolonged custody battle. Back in India, Sagarika now wants to wrest her children's custody from their uncle.

The children have been living in Kulti with their uncle and grandparents since. While Sagarika had returned to India before the children arrived, their father Anurup is still in Norway.

A few months ago, Sagarika lodged a general diary against her in-laws in Kulti police station, alleging that she had been beaten up and thrown out. She also complained that the children were being ill-treated.

Arunabhas had promptly lodged a counter-complaint, alleging that Sagarika had barged into the house with unknown persons and tried to snatch the kids. Arunabhas also lodged a complaint against Sagarika with CWC in Burdwan.