Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guiding Principles to Protect from Judicial System

FROM Suresh Ram :

Guiding Principles to Protect from Judicial System

Principle#1: Do not believe your lawyer. If he was really smart and honest, he would have been a professional like you. Instead he chose law as a last option of study and is now your lawyer.

In all probability, he has probably struck a deal with the opposing counsel to drag the case, for years.

Principle#2: When attending a hearing in courts, don't wear your best suit with that smart tie. The judge may feel jealous and make you pay more alimony. If the judge was really smart, rather than take a fixed salary, he would have been your lawyer!!

In fact, if possible wear that dirty torn shirt and don't shave for at least a week before the hearing.

Principle#3: Focus on dates, rather than the merits of the case.

The courts open at 10 am and close at 2pm for lunch. In those 240 minutes, there are at least about 200 cases listed for a hearing on any given day.

In those 200 cases, even if half of the affidavits and counter-affidavits are read, that's 20,000 pages to be read every day. Probably Lady Justice might weigh the papers on her scale and give you blind justice. Unfortunately, even this does not happen.

All the judge really does is to look at the calendar and provide a date to which the case is adjourned for the next hearing.

Principle#4: Go to court without your lawyer

At least that way, you can prove you are impoverished. That way, you will have to pay lesser fees and lesser money as alimony.

Principle#5: Don't bother about grammar and diction.

No one is going to read your case, just focus on the small victories and you will probably do just fine.

While the whole thing seems tragi-comical, what I do hope to do instead of being a mute spectator is to bring change by being active participant.