Friday, September 14, 2012

My take on the sexual harassment at workplace bill

This morning I woke up to an interesting piece of NEWS which read something like => ///// Amid din over coal block allocation issue, the Lok Sabha today passed a bill which seeks to protect women, including lakhs employed as domestic workers, from sexual harassment at workplace. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Bill, 2010, piloted by Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath, was passed without discussion amid uproar with BJP members storming the Well. /////////

============= COMMENTS =========

Every 5 to 10 years some serious ANTI male legislation is comming up in India .

The Elected representatives are busy posturing on other things and fighting their power games. The smart, Anti male industry almost slips un noticed under the smoke and fire ...

This law making is the fountain head of injustice against men and their families

From this fountain head spring one court case after another, one police complaint after another filed by opportunistic, un scrupulous women. Slowly the MALE society and it's family is lynched in public , humiliated and milked in public .... Money transfer from male to female happens under threats, fear of false cases, after false cases are filed under the guise of mediation, under the guise of interim maintenance on false cases and so on ....

Do not forget, this is a multi BILLION industry in operation

Unlike the west,
 - absence of technological surveillance - cameras et all,
 - presence of corruption in law enforcement ,
 - slow judiciary and
 - absence of *real equality* amoung men and women
will make these laws much more difficult on men in Asian countries :-(

How will you prove that you did or did not humiliate some one IF there are NO cameras ? even if there are cameras do you have one in every corner of your office ? do you want all meetings to be videoed ?

Ultimately, Asian men will be further humiliated

Since couple of old fountains a.k.a 498a are becoming very commonplace and the oppressed are slowly becoming aware of the misandry, the law makers are getting into new(er) areas

This is like a business exploring new markets when old markets are tired

This is like marketing agencies trying new adverts when the earlier fad dies

Rejuvenating the fountain keeps the ANTI MALE industry healthy and prosperous

This oppression will continue, till men unite and make a political party which will fight FOR their rights and for the rights of families

Without active influence on law making, MEN and their families are toast