Friday, June 6, 2014

rest of the world ONLY husband will be arrested; in India PARENTS & friends can ALSO BE ARRESTED !!!

Woman pregnant, man NOT found, parents and friends in cooler !!
while the rest of world is agonising and shedding tears for the poor oppressed Indian woman, its the men who are ending up in cooler in the sacred land of mighty rivers and 5000 year history, yes the very same India  !!

18 year old Nagajyoti was working with 20 year old Sundarapandiyan in a biscuit company. They developed some friendship and Nagajyoti claims that they got married at a temple in the presence of some friends !!! Please note the absence of relatives or parents of the boy and the fact there is NO mention of registration of the marriage !! Now Nagajoti is pregnant and her lover / boy friend / alleged husband is not to be found

Nagajoyti claims that she went to her boy friend Sundarapandiyan's Parent's house and she could not locate him !! Sso she filed a complaint with the police claiming that sundarapandhiya's parents and the friends who witnessed the marriage are threatening her !! So, police promptly arrested SundaraPandiyan's father marisamy, friends Marimurugan (19), Ddanamurugan (19) and Narayanan (19) !!!