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You don't use the right bucket for bathing, I want a divorce !!!

Indore's wackiest reasons for divorce

Medhashrree Dutta,TNN | Jun 1, 2014, 12.00 AM IST

Indore's wackiest reasons for divorce
Indore's wackiest reasons for divorce

If you think reasons for divorce have to be serious, think again. Couples in Indore are divorcing over air-conditioners and cleanliness issues too!

A divorce is never a happy situation. While it's good riddance for some couples who couldn't stay together because of incompatibility issues, some part ways amidst a lot of angst over infidelity and betrayal. But there's another side to divorce cases. Indore's lawyers and relationship counsellors say they have to deal with many bizarre reasons that couples bring for getting a divorce. From 'he doesn't let me go to the spa' to 'she doesn't let me sleep till late' - Indore's lawyers say that the tolerance level of couples has turned so low that they are parting ways over the silliest of reasons. We spoke to the city's lawyers and counsellors who narrated some of the most absurd reasons stated by couples for a divorce.

You don't use the right bucket for bathing, I want a divorce
Which couple doesn't have tiffs over 'keeping the house clean' or 'arranging the wardrobe', but seeking a divorce for this reason, asks Dr Sanjeev Tripathi, a city-based marriage and family therapist? He says, "Most young couples, who come to us seeking divorce, don't have a strong reason. A lady wanted to divorce her husband because he didn't help her in keeping the house clean. She complained that since he was a late riser, she couldn't make the bed before doing puja in the morning. I didn't know how to react when she said, 'He never uses the right bucket for bathing; woh hamesha kapde dhone waali balti se nahate hai', and the husband complained that the puja ki ghanti disturbed his morning sleep. Despite all our efforts, they were way too adamant to come to a common point of understanding."

Why can't just the two of go on a vacation?
Vashishtha Inani, a city-based advocate, shares, "The only ground for one of my clients to seek divorce was that while the wife wanted to go abroad for a long vacation, the husband's condition was that his parents will also accompany them. Such trivial issues can be easily resolved by the couple itself. Instead of rushing to a lawyer, they should go on a date to ease themselves of the unnecessary angst." Kavita Gupta, a relationship counsellor, shares another such case. She says, "Last month, a newly-married guy came to me complaining that his wife's siblings and relatives drop in at their house every weekend, and he doesn't get to spend time with her. He also said that every time he gets movie tickets, his wife insists on taking her younger brother along. He grumbled, 'agar aise hi chalta raha toh main usko divorce de dunga'."

Not without an AC
There shouldn't be any cold vibes between the husband and the wife, but in this sweltering heat, you definitely need an air-conditioner to cool things off. Anwar Khan, a city-based advocate, shares, "In one of the cases, the wife preferred staying at her parent's place because they had an AC at their place. Initially, we thought that there must be a conflict between the couple. But later she said she was angry that her husband didn't even bother to get her a cooler! She retorted, 'Ab jab tak ghar par AC ya cooler nahi aa jata, I won't go back. If necessary, I will divorce him.' It's one of the funniest cases that I've come across."

I can't afford your salon bills, this marriage is over
While narrating the trivial issue over which one of her colleagues sought divorce, Meera Gandhi*, a marketing professional, tells us, "A guy in my office got married to his long-time girlfriend last year. One day we overheard him yelling at his wife over the phone. He said, 'I can't afford to meet your monthly salon and spa bills; I didn't know you are such a high-maintenance woman. This marriage is over.' When we asked him what was wrong, he grumbled that more than half of his salary goes on his wife's beauty treatments. And when he objects, the wife's parents start taunting him on his financial limitations."

You don't let me shop, I can't live with you

If the wife complains that her husband doesn't let her shop, the husband argues that she spends a lot of time talking to her male colleagues. Advocate Ashish tells us, "A well-educated couple that was married for a decade, wanted to part ways for petty issues like 'she talks to her male colleagues at night' and 'he doesn't take me for shopping anymore'. I tried to explain them that these things are baseless, and unless they have strong reasons, the court will not listen to their plea. Sometimes there are very serious issues, which the couples don't want to disclose. So, they start giving silly excuses to get rid of each other."

(*Some names changed on request)

source : timesofindia online


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