Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You rape me, I rape you!! : How FAKE RAPE FIRs make Indian men _look_like_ Rapists !!

Now the world is thinking we (Indian men) are all rapists, roaming the streets to catch hold the next available poor thing female and rape her.... It is portrayed in some sections, as if we do not have any culture, we do not have sisters or mothers to think of, all that we can is about how to rape

To support this view, rape statistics is often thrown around. do you know one girl is raped every .... days .. ?

But where does this Rape statistics come from ?

Of course it includes a LIBERAL dose of FAKE rape cases like the one below where MATRIMONIAL feud between parties is converted to rape !!!

Read and decide !!!!

Kin of couple lodge cross-FIRs of rape

Jun 24, 2014, 02.21AM IST TNN[ Shalabh ]

LUCKNOW: They came together more than 18 months back and families were on board. But things between the couple, both in late 30s, went horribly wrong. In a peculiar situation for Gomtinagar police, a cross case under rape charges was lodged on Sunday.

Such a trend is noticed usually in rural areas where female members of warring families lodge cross rape cases, generally to settle scores. Around 11am, an MBA accused her husband, father-in-law and father-in-law's brother of forcing her to have unnatural sex with them. Within hours, the husband's sister reached the police station and lodged an FIR under rape charges against the complainant's father and brother. The man and his wife are now baying for each others' blood. The man is a BTech and employed by a private firm. He was suffering from asthma and gave up his job early this year. Along with his wife, he stayed at his parent's house in Vijay Khand. His father retired as manager of Uttar Pradesh Matsya Vikas Nigam Ltd.

Trouble began between the couple in May, said police. "While charges are being probed, prima facie, it seems the couple had off late been suffering from financial crisis. Instead of sticking together during the crisis, they decided to part ways and ultimately traded rape charges. Both are well educated and have gone to reputed schools and colleges," said the sub-inspector who tried to counsel the two.

On June 17, the couple had an argument that turned violent. The girl informed her father and brother who arrived at the house from Sarojininagar and took her away. The woman's father is in a private job. Cops asked the wife to reconsider her decision but she submitted complaint against the man and her in-laws on Sunday. After she left the police station, the man's sister lodged a case against his in-laws alleging they raped her on June 17 at the Vijay Khand house.


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