Saturday, May 25, 2013

498a = super money making tool and here's why ...

I'm reading Madras HC 498a judgements for years '12 & '13. Every case that reaches the HC , every case where the husband is fighting for his release, is a case of dowry death or something serious like that. Ok in one case the guy had two wives !!

IF the hubby was convicted, finally convicted, sent three / seven years into cooler, that too for a false 498a , any guy in his right senses would have gone to the HC ....

So , the fact staring at me, the fact I see is, NOT single hubby has been convicted by the lower courts when the wife is alive over a years period if it is *just* a dowry allegation

they just do a mediation / panchayat / whatever, all take a share of hubby's money and he is acquitted

That clearly proves that 498a = money making tool

Bloody hell....nothing else as long as the wife is alive