Tuesday, May 21, 2013

why try so much, and talk so much about criminal justice system etc? as and when a court exonerates a hubby of false 498a charges let them levy a 10% of assets fine on wife... then see the thamasha and sudden drop in 498a cases

in the last couple of years approx 1 lakh cases of DV, 498a , ..and those used to squeezing the man were filed (per year)

A very large % of these are false . They are based on vengeance, vendetta, greed to usurp property, hurry to ditch the current guy, inability to accept the bad temperament and immaturity of the girl and / or to throw the elders out of the house

if 100000 cases are filed, many more are closed BEFORE  filing an FIR., just by mediation and money transfer at the police stations and mahila thanas

even in 90+% of cases filed ..meaning FIR filed and case numbered, panchayat / settlement type mediation takes place, money is transferred from the hapless husband and his family to the wife who filed the case, money is made by many actors in between and the case is either let to die , or the husband acquitted

IF the man is to be hunted for dowry seeking, why is the FALSE case filing women let away ??

In every case where the court exonerates a hubby of false 498a charges, let them levy a fine [say 10% of her assets or 10% of her salary ] on the wife...

No court does this

why ??? I can only guess 

the day this starts, there will be small light .... a small twinkle of hope for harassed hubbies