Tuesday, May 28, 2013

update of legal cases to my blogs and on facebook

Dear Brothers and sisters

I am fine and hope to hear the same from you

As you know I have been blogging interesting / important case laws over many years

Of late I have been updating these on facebook , twitter for comments and wider absorption

The modus operandi has been as follows : I generally blog them first and then update the links to facebook either manually or auto. This helps me in searching cases later and also with formatting of posts ( I find blogs easier to write long posts and also format them before posting)

Earlier I used to post them on multiple pages on facebook. Henceforth the updates to facebook would mostly appear as updates to my profile page . I may not be updating individual groups that I am subscribed to

The main reason is to collate such case laws to one place and also avoid repetition and boredom to the reader.

Those interested in reading case laws are kindly requested to follow them on my profile page or follow the blogs, twitter feed listed below.

Should you need some updates on FB / blogs and IF that needs subscription to my profile page on FB or a friend request or something that needs my action, please send me the same with a short one liner inst. message (FB) or comment (blogs) or tweet to my twitter handle

various easy links are added below
as of now updates to the tumblr blog are also updated on my twitter profile https://twitter.com/ATMwithDICK

Thanks and best regards