Saturday, May 18, 2013

Former CJ seeks protection from his own son and daughter in law

Former CJ seeks protection from his own son and daughter in law 
Chandigarh, May 17 : A retired chief justice Shanti Swarup Diwan has approached the High court seeking protection from his own son and daughter-in-law.
Never had Justice Shanti Swarup Dewan and his wife Romila Dewan thought that their own son Suvir Dewan, whose one smile used to light up their lives, would gang up with his wife and make their lives a “living hell”. In their petition, Dewans have not only alleged trauma at the hands of their son and daughter-in-law but have also enlarged the scope of petition, seeking special cells for such persons who are aged and infirm and left by “their progeny in the twilight of their life”.
When we tried to speak to the former Chief Justice and his son they remained unavailable for comments…
The petition by Dewans was initially placed before Justice Rajiv Narain Raina Wednesday who recused himself. 
Later, Justice Tejinder Singh Dhindsa heard the case and reserved orders on the petition…Elevated as a High Court Judge in 1977, Justice Dewan became Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court in October 1989 and continued on the post till his retirement in December.