Saturday, May 18, 2013

is this a new husband bakra in the making !! please NOTE his OWN parents do not care !!!

forwarded message !!

I got one friend who lives away from home in a rented room.

He is in private service.His marriage got fixed last month.

A week after that the girl's father made a surprise visit to his room along with  a relative and started checking his room and belongings.

He also threatened my friend to do what he says else he will teach him a lesson.

My friend has recorded all the conversation in his mobile.He told his parents but his parents are not giving due weightage to all this.They say it is just a way to socialize.

Now my question is

1.How can my friend avoid this marriage

2.If the girl's father comes again along with his relative and pressurizes him,can he call the police.The girl's father is a class 3 govt servant and his relative is an officer in government.