Saturday, May 18, 2013

SAVE ME FROM MY WIFE !!!!! Defense person's pathetic plea !!!

forwarded from lawyers club india site !! 



I am a serving defence personal married since Nov 2005 through 

After one year of my marrige i come to know that my wife have a infirtility problem due to folopine tubes block and she can not became mother naturlly. In 2008 ,On my request my Organisation posted me to Delhi for IVF treatment in R&R Army hospital Delhi. 

After reaching Delhi my wife refused to gone through IVF treatment which cause quarell and mean while my wife got a Govt Job as teacher and start living with her parents .

Any how i agrred her for IVF treatment and which could not success. This is the begining of my misfortune, as she stop going my parental house and start pressurising me for illigaly taking a child from any hospital for that i was not ready. I told her that either you go for second chance of IVF or look fore a sarogate mother or i will take a child from my own family, which she and her parents refused. Here i want to tell that We have brought jointly a house and a plot in her area.

In 2012 I was transfered to Goa and she come with me due to her vacation. After 15 days she return back to her parents house cose her vacation was over.

One day, one of he rfraind told me that my wife is talking with a strenger man regularly and I to find that her phone was bussy at late night. Emmidiatly i applied for leave and went her home and ask her and she told me that i find a man. so now u can take divorce from me. which was shoking to me as i am immotionally attech to my wife and i told her please stop this illegal relationship I will obey what ever you will tell me.

but she continue talking with that man but she show little sampathy to mee also and I booked her flight ticket to Goa and she came to Goa in Oct 12. and I give my phone to her to talk to her family. That phon have a software which records all incoming and outgoing calls, which she was not aware. At the night when I hear her intimated conversation with her boyfriend. I became furious and we had a fight with her she hit me with belt and even i too hit her, which became a seen in Goa.

And she complain to my seniors so my seniors advise me to send her back and i booked a flight ticket back . after reaching home she complined to Chief of Naval Staff and Nationanl Woman Commision about dowary demand and domestic voilence.

Now please advice me what should I do ? Yet I have not taken any action legal action. Please advece me....