Wednesday, May 15, 2013

same patterns everywhere !!

Repeating general thoughts that I posted elsewhere 

Most of the flashy women's lib is beginning to be about hating men, power and money. All this MAY have started with noble intentions some decades ago, but things have gotten degraded far too much

The sad part is that in every continent, in every country the pattern is repeating

Initially, women seek sympathy = they portray themselves as weak, discredit men as the rogues or he rowdy elements and seek sympathy and protection. society goes along, enacts laws, empowers police to beat up and lock up men ....

Soon, women find the game frustrating and NOT paying enough. Then women then seek money and power , not just protection. How ?? discredit men more and ascribe / claim violence when none probably existed , be it false domestic violence cases or false rape cases or false dowry charges ...depending on social settings

Result = keep oscillating between the i'm soft , i don't take responsibilities and i'm equal, give me all rights or more than equal rights

When will this end ? I don't see this ending in a decade ....and that is my optimistic view

For all you know it may get worse before it gets better

I think majority men haven't woken up the the grand scheme and direction of things though pockets of awakening has happened and is happening as we write

We need to keep the thoughts flowing

We need to help men understand the overall picture

We need to support each other in our own ways, because this male hating ideology is far too wide spread, far too entrenched and far too venomous to be ignored