Thursday, July 17, 2014

1000s victims on socialmedia. Can v send a weekly slogan 2 politicians &powers dat b? FB, twttr ..etc ?

Thoughts on sending our message across

* we have 1000s of victims on social media. At least 1000 dedicated & frequent on social media.
* a lot of politicians are on social media
* can we develop a **weekly short slogan** and write to politicians, judges, powers that be *on social media* ? lets keep some limits on how much to write. More creative & more coordinated, the better
* This way, we will use our energies, this way our social media time will be well spent, our message will reach an important audience
* Twitter hashtags, Fb chorus , whatever ...
* what do you say ??
* please come with some ideas least some good one liners to start with


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