Monday, July 14, 2014

15 classic cases where justice held & maintenance denied to undeserving women !!


Bombay HC : NO MAINTENANCE u/s 125 Cr. P C to deserting wife

Allahabad HC : Major daughters (i.e.) above 18 not entitled to maintenance u.s 125 Crpc.


Supreme Court of India : S125 CrPC maintenance adjustable against maint in matri. proceedings & not over & above Sec 24 HMA maint.


Bombay HC : IF Wife can't prove DV, children ALSO NOT entitled maintenance under DV


Madras HC  : Employed, earning wife NOT entitled INTerim MAINT us 24 HMA : Sathasivam J [latr CJI of India !]


Bombay HC : No maint us 125CrPC deserting wife. But much higher (6x) maint & lumpsum 4 child living with wife


Karnataka HC, 2005 : No Int Maint us 24 HMA for working wife (doctor). Husband to maintain kid !


SUPREME COURT OF INDIA : Wife employed and earning a salary is NOT entitled to interim maint u/s 24 HMA, even though husband is earning four times MORE than the wife. Child – Daughter gets interim maintenance.


P&H HC : NO interim maint for wife earning 50000 pm &NO proof of husband earnings ; husb out of job


Supreme court : Maintenance to be borne by husband AND wife in proportion to their salaries !!


Bombay HC 1991: IF MAINT case undr S-24 & S-125 IDENTICAL, only sec24 continues, sec125 stayed


DELHI HC : Ablaa WIFE already making moolah in civil case of sec 125 CrPC cannot make MORE moolah using DV !!


Madhya Pradesh HC : No Pendente Lite (Sec 24) to educated wife .


Uttaranchal HC : Employed & deserting wife : NO maintenance u/s 125. Even though wife's salary is only Rs 2200/- p.m.

Delhi HC : No Interim maintenance to wife earning Rs 56thousands per month :



Errata :

Kolkata High Court  : NO ONE believes hubby/wife on earnings!! wife says hubby earns 18000, hubby say 1800!, court orders 1500 pm!!





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