Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wife attempts suicide, hubby in cooler. Love marrg 5.5 years ago; 4 year old son, NO 15 days notice !! :-(

Nagerkoil ; July 9

Saravan Kumar (30) from Marungur, Sunda Vilai, anju kiramam area, Nagekoil, Tamil Nadu, fell in love with Regila (24) and they married 5.5 years ago. They have a four year old kid.

It is alleged that Saravan Kumar was torturing Regila for dowry EVEN THOUGH it was a love marriage !

Recently there was some further dispute between Rejila's parents and Saravan kumar when he is alleged to have beaten Regila and also used filthy language against her

Heartbroken Regila attempted suicide by consuming pills and was immediately admitted to AsaripaLLam , Government hospital

Based on Regila's mother's complaint police have registered a case and arrested Saravan Kumar....