Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An MRA sent 1 xcellent judgement to publish! Do u have 1 to share? send FB, Twtter PM, comment my blogs, mail me

Dear Folks 



Yesterday an MRA sent me an Excellent court order, a bail and requested me to share it on my blogs.... 

I've already sent it to another needy fighter husband who profusely thanks the originator 


sharing our knowledge is essential to fight the anti Male, anti Family firestorm raging in our beloved country 


Do you have an interesting case , and order OR a PERSONAL experience to share with the world ? do you want your message to reach a wide audience ? do you want to spearhead the sharing or ideas and thoughts ? 


IF YES,  please send me an FB Instant message or Twitter Personal Message or post it as a comment to any of my blogs


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