Tuesday, July 23, 2013

judge MARKlist: MAXscore 53%! Many in 35%s ; they will decide fate of 99%, enginr, doctr, phd, CA, MBA, IIT, all people. Many of them will become honourable judges... so please learn to respect them

Here is a list of the furutre judge aspirants and what they scored in the exam qualifying them for viva

NONE ... repeat NONE scored more than 53%

The lowest was 35% 

Now they will become honourable judges

so we ALL need to respect them 

They are the ones who will decide the fate of all the guys who cored 80% ... 90%... or 99% and became MBAs, engineers, Doctors, PHD, whatever ...whatever !!

What do you say ??

Long live judicial system

SOURCE : Madras HC website