Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Marriage '85 triplets '90; wife earng well & 2 dghters in MNCs still husb to pay 15laks dghtr's ABROADstudy! ....SUPER GEM FROM MUMBAI HC !!! Please note .... in 2012 he was directed to pay rs 10 lakhs for their education

simple notes / main news below : 

* The Marriage was '85 

* triplets were born in '90; 

* The wife is a physiotherapist and is supposedly earning well 

* The daughters are 23 years old now .... obviously major by any count 

* Two of the daughters are working in MNCs !!!

* The poor daughters who of course are majors want to go abroad only and study ONLY abroad and NOT in India

* So the ablaa naari wife wants the dad to pay

* So the honourable court asks the dada to pay Rs 15 lakhs ONLY for the daughters to study abroad

* The poor guy husband does NOT seem to have understood the whole bloody issue 

* obviously he is NOT a member of our blogs or our forum !! ??? 

* He is trying to earn more and more and trying to fight more and more 

Hey Ram /// Ok Hey Rahim ..... / Hi Jesus ....... 

* IF you have money you pay !!
* Moral (ok II Moral) of the story, you may forsake your son at 18 ... BUT NOT daughter ....for the rest of her life ..... till she finds another man to pay for her ......


Parents cannot influence child's education choice: High court

Rosy Sequeira, TNN Jul 23, 2013, 02.49AM IST

MUMBAI: Can parents influence children on their choice of education? The Bombay high court (HC) asked this on Monday to a businessman who refused to fund his three daughters for studies abroad.

The observation came while the court was hearing the man's challenge to a 1996 order of the family court (FC) granting him judicial separation, but not divorce. The wife, a physiotherapist, challenged the order as well for it not granting her maintenance. The FC had directed the man to pay Rs 7,500 a month for his daughters-triplets-till they turned 18. The couple's marriage was in 1985; the triplets were born in 1990.

In 2012, the HC directed him to deposit Rs 10 lakh for their education. This year, the HC ordered him to pay Rs 15 lakh for the admission of one daughter to the London Business School. The man's advocates, Rajendra Desai and Prabha Badadare, argued that the wife earned well and two daughters were working with MNCs-the implication being the wife and daughters can fund studies abroad. "But you (the father) can't ignore your daughters," replied Justice Gautam Patel, who was hearing the matter with Justice Abhay Oka.

When Desai said the couple's relationship was acrimonious, Justice Patel retorted with: "Don't make children pawns in your battle. Your daughters do not have to hear allegations in public."

The wife's counsel, Prasad Dhakephalkar, said two daughters wanted to pursue MBA courses and one a masters in physiotherapy-all abroad. Desai said their father would pay for their higher studies in India

"Management education in India is better than in foreign countries," Desai said. Justice Oka asked, "Are you suggesting that parents can influence children regarding education? We are dealing with grown-up children. If a child feels she has better prospects abroad, what is wrong with that? It is a fact of life that grown-up children are keen on going abroad for better education. We don't agree with your proposition that daughters must not go."

The judges said the couple must share the responsibility of their daughters' education and agree for divorce by mutual consent. "If the dispute is over, it is better for the daughters," said Justice Oka.