Monday, July 29, 2013

what do I want to change in the NEW Hindu Marriage Amendment Act ? please ADD your comments, views

Ok the Hindu Marriage amendment act is draconian

Yes lot of us are agitated

But then the question arises, what do we want to change ?? 

Here is my list 

It would be great IF ppl can add more comments

My thoughts based on a slightly old bill available here 

1. now bill says when couple break up only husband's ancestral property will be in the equation ; ppl want wife's ancestral property to ALSO be in the equation OR

1.1. REMOVE all ancestral property and have it only as seld earned AFTER start of marriage 

2. Now only woman can oppose the divorce, they want that right to be given to both husband and wife

3. they want the the word wife to be replaced with spouse so that in all areas there would be at least gender equality in theory 

4. while the whole divorce law talks about wife and children, we want the law to ALSO consider ELDERLY parents as human beings and include them in the same areas a minor children are included 

5. ...others may add other areas...

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