Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TEP EXPERTS , RTI EXPERTS, 498A EXPERTS !! any answers to this poor chap? wife claims 30 lakhs spent on on marriage etc. FIL's income little or nothing. What should he do ? Case @ women cell ... chap fears FALSE complaint !!

Could some one please help this poor chap who has posted on lawyer club of India 

His problem in his words quoted here "...........My wife filled a complaint in women cell for taking dowry and domastic voilence. I received a notice from women cell. I attend the frist meeting of women cell but nothing will happen. My wife filled a false complaint that her father hasbeen spent rs. 30 lakhs including dowry in the marriage but true is this- her father didnt spend any single rupees in marriage. All the expenses of marriage willbe paid by us. Now i want to know that what should we do to protect our family from false complaint ? What is the next stage after complete all the meetings in women cell if no result will appear in the pend in the marriage ? Her father monthly income is rs.15000/- and Rs.30 lakhs are spending in marriage than what is the income source ? if he fail to provide the income proof than what happen ? Have any other valuable suggestion from your side to protect the family from false complaint. Warms Regards....."