Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Police still dilly-dallying in groom suicide case. 3 DAY old wife decamped with Jewels & cash. Groom Family running around!

Police still dilly-dallying in groom suicide case. 3 DAY old wife decamped with Jewels & cash. Groom Family running around!

Alka Panse, TNN Jul 26, 2013, 02.35AM IST

NAGPUR: The family of KailashParihar, who committed suicide three days after his wedding when his wife decamped with the jewellery, has been running pillar to post to seek a police investigation.


Parihar, 31, had consumed poison on July 20 when he learnt that his bride Puja had fled the house. The wife and her brother had called the family on Wednesday afternoon to express condolences after she read about Kailash's death in the newspapers.


The Parihar family claims that they have even given the phone numbers from which Puja and her brother Monty Jaiswal called them to the DCP Zone III office. However, the family claims, the police are not taking any interest in the case. A family member said that a cop from DCP office had taken the phone numbers and assured to trace its location, but nothing had been done.

However, when TOI contacted DCP Zone III Sanjay Darade, he claimed that he had not received any written application with phone numbers of Puja and Monty on Wednesday. Darade assured that Ganeshpeth police will be investigating the case.

ACP Kotwali Rajendra Gaikwad too said the Parihar family had gone to DCP Zone III office and given the numbers.

"Since Wednesday afternoon, we have received many calls from Puja and Monty. Each time they call, they first make sure that one of the family members has picked up the call. They have been assuring to come back. At the same time, they have kept a condition that we do not file a police complaint," said the younger brother Satish Parihar.

A simple case of accidental death has been registered at Ganeshpeth police station until now. The Parihar family want Puja and Monty Jaiswal to be booked for Kailash's suicide and also for cheating the family.

Satish said he has handed over ten different phone numbers from which the duo have been calling them, but the police haven't found the location of even one number.

"The duo has been assuring to come and meet the family on the condition that no police complaint is filed against them. However, they are not telling their location," said Satish. He said that he had gone to Ganeshpeth police station repeatedly for two days, trying to convince the police to take the case, but was sent back. "Cops feel that we are unnecessarily harassing the duo," he said.