Saturday, July 13, 2013

CHILD MARRIAGE ??? STOP THAT EVIL !!; however premarital SEX is either RAPE or valid marriage dependding on which state you are in and the circumstances of the case !! Long live India

The Governmental agencies especially police and even non governmental women welfare organisations have been doing a great service in STOPPING child marriages. Marrying girls at the age of 14 is atrocious !!! 

However it has come to our notice that 15 year old girls and boys indulge in PRE MARITAL sex and that is becomming quite common in many places. Surveys and researches have been conducted on this issue

Such pre marital sex generally either termed as Rape (if the sex goes bad or IF the consent is forced !!! ) and in some case such pre marital sex it is also considered / decreed as VALID marriage !!

what should the society do ?

BAN child marriage ??

BUT what about pre marital sex ??


Child marriage attempts foiled in Fatehabad, Jind

TNN | Jul 13, 2013, 05.57 AM IST

FATEHABAD/JIND: The district and child marriage prohibition officer foiled three weddings in Fatehabad and Jind on Friday. Two marriage were foiled in Fatehabad and one in a Jind village. The family members of the girls assured the officer that they will marry their daughter after maturity.

In the first case, district child marriage prohibition officer Rekha Aggrawal got information about two 14-year-old girls being married off inKhumber village. The officer informed the matter to SP Fatehabad and formed a team to conduct raids there. The officer demanded age proof certificate from the family members of the girl, but they failed to produce the documents. Rekha Aggrawal said, "Both the girls are 14-year-old and their marriage was fixed by their parents in some village of Punjab." "Family members of the girl gave in writing that they will marry their daughters only after maturity," the officer said.

In another case, child marriage prohibition officer Krishan Rani, of Jind district got information that Suresh Kumar of UP fixed her 13-year-old daughter's marriage at Dohana Khera village. The officer reached the place demanding age proof, which the family members could not display.