Saturday, July 20, 2013

IIT, IIM, Doctr toppers. U slog&earn. Back benchr MIDDLE MEN will take away your wife & property. New Hindu Marriage Amend. Bill is Loot !!

Are you an achiever, hardworking, sincere law abiding citizen ???? THE Back bencher MIDDLE MEN will take away ur wife &property. This is how it will happen 

the typical class room consists of super doopers and some back benchers

that is how any class room is made, that is how society is made 

some take it serious, some take it easy, in school, in college, in live 

based on cut off marks, the amount of effort , midnight oil and brains, the slogging ones become doctors, engineers, IITans, IIMs, Chartered Accountants, professionals, specialists  etc. Eventually these hardworking types become the who's who of corporate and social India

Eventually they will get married 

Once married these men will be turn into fantastic targets !!!!

Targets for whom ? Targets for gold digging women, who want to make money

They also become Targets for the back benchers who couldn't do any proper education and ended up as touts in government offices, courts or in some colleges that specialise in .... you know what  ..... 

Now, with the new Hindu Marriage Amendment bill, when the wife wants to take away the IITan's, The IIM corp honco's , doctor's , engineer's money she will start using the system of middlemen, those who file false cases, those who provide false witness and help her move in courts and places like that, to file divorce cases and take a heafty share of the man's property  

So what happens ? 

"....IF you an achiever, hardworking, sincere law abiding citizen ???? THE Back benchr MIDDLE MEN will take away YOUR wife &property....."