Monday, July 8, 2013

WIFE THROWS ACID ON HUSBAND! still allowed to go to father's house! NO ARREST!! imagne IF husb threw acid !! In spite of such sorry state of affairs men are flocking by the millions to get married .... the JUICES ARE FLOWING !!!!



So, can husband throw acid on wife's face and say "....I am rpeentant leave me ????..." WILL HE BE LEFT ???

JUST BECAUSE husband has a CAREER or professional education ccan he throw acid wife's face ??? what anti male thinking ???


Woman throws acid on husband

TNN Aug 22, 2008, 02.17am IST

KOLKATA: A heated argument between a young couple spun out of control on Wednesday night, as the woman allegedly threw acid on her husband's face.

The incident took place in Sodepur on the northern fringes of the city. Incidentally, both husband and wife are classmates at Guru Nanak Dental College in Agarpara.

Subhobrata Sanyal, the husband, lodged an FIR with Khardah police station. But since both are final-year medical students, police have decided to wait till their final examinations before making any arrests, if necessary. The woman has been asked to proceed to her parents' house in Bankura.

Sriparna Ghosh Sanyal (26) fell in love with Subhobrata at the medical college. The relationship blossomed and the couple tied the knot in 2005.

But soon, differences emerged and they started bickering. Quarrels are routine, said neighbours. "Initially, we thought these were regular conjugal tiffs. But they fought too frequently. Amazingly, minutes after a fight, they would patch up. But on Wednesday, things got out of hand," said a neighbour.

Sriparna, in a fit of rage, allegedly threw carbolic acid - generally used to ward off snakes - on her husband's face. "But within seconds, she had realized what she had done and quickly wiped the acid off his face. Thankfully, the injury was not serious," said a policeman.

Subhobrata first got himself treated at Panihati State General Hospital. Then, boiling with anger, he walked into Khardah police station and lodged a complaint against his wife. Luckily, police saw the delicacy of the situation and decided to play counsellors.

"We will probe the matter but our intention is not to break the marriage. The incident happened in a moment of anger. Both husband and wife understood that. Sriparna is repentant. So, we have desisted from arresting her. They have their careers ahead of them and if they live separately, they can pay attention to their studies," an investigator said.