Saturday, December 1, 2012

Feminists are changing track !! Men and families beware !!

Money and vengeance is the main motive of women filing false / fabricated matrimonial and false dowry cases. New poison is being added to the arsenal !!!!

  • There's news that NCW is talking about amending 498a and introducing fines for false cases 
  • The whole talk about Rs 15000/- fines for false cases is a real hogwash
  • Most of these false 498a cases are middle / upper middle class. Well educated women who want to get a quick exit are screw!ng up the hubby and his family. Even the super rich like Mafatlals have got hit. In most cases The husband's expenses, loss of salary, loss of reputation runs into Lakhs or even crores
  • In addition to the hogwash fines, there could be other reasons why feminists are talking about 498a Misuse 

Possible reason # 1 : 498a is becoming a useless / old tool : 

  • These days 498a is NOT yielding money as men have decided to fight back
  • Also in a 498A case, police involvement, arrest etc gives a very negative image about the woman (oh..she took you to police and got the elderly mother arrested??) , 
  • So, these days , feminists are using DV, Sec 125 CrPc etc etc more as these are quick money routes
  • DV cases have increased heavily in TN. Almost 25% of all India Total is TN. Gujarat is following. Most affluent sates will follow.
  • Even in some recent cases that were already 498a, I see the wife filing DV after some months and seeking interim maintenance !!

Possible Reason # 2 : 498a is is a boomerang that can hit back 

  • Husband's sisters (read other young wives) are getting jailed along with mothers in 498a cases !!! 
  • NCW is becomming VERY un popular amoung its own support base !!
  • NCW / irritated ..bored wife and co has to stop this and concentrate on attacking the husband and his parents
  • How to do that ?? amend 498a and make it possible to arrest ONLY the Husband and elderly parents 
  • Complete Hogwash this is !!!

Men and families ...beware