Monday, December 31, 2012

Why are dowry laws needed ? = why is castration needed ??

When someone talks about the Rampant misuse of Dowry law, how innocent mothers and sisters have been arrested, the common refrain is .... why were dowry laws needed ?? meaning men were these barbarians and you needed strict laws to tame them ...

so, WHY ARE DOWRY LAWS NEEDED? ????  ...that sounds the same as WHY is castration needed ???? 

After a few thousand men innocent men have been castrated chemically and incarcerated for decades we will be having the same jolly good debate on "tut.." ..."tut" ...."...minor miscarriage of justice ..." and why was castration needed ???? it all because some one had a ........ !

The technique here is to start the debate at a level where
      - the total barbaism of castration,
      - the  corropution in police,
      - 10s of 1000s of false cases in India
      - the tardy justice system ....etc are all forgotten 

the discussion is ONLY about the rapist and di#k !!!!