Friday, December 7, 2012

Man acquitted in dowry death case

Man acquitted in dowry death case
Press Trust of India       /       New Delhi           December 07, 2012, 17:05

A man has been acquitted of the charges of harassing his wife for dowry and driving her to commit suicide with the court saying that she took the drastic step out of depression as her baby contracted thalassemia that she and her mother too had.

Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Rakesh Kumar let off city resident Udipto Shankar Dass, accepting his submissions that his wife Mumita had committed suicide as she was depressed that her mother had died due to thalassemia major, which she too had been suffering from and which had been transmitted to her month-old son as well.

"The testimonies of material witnesses does not inspire confidence whereas the defence put forth by accused that the deceased could not cope up with the fact that her mother expired due to thalassemia major, she herself suffered from minor thalassemia and was thus carrier of the defective gene which was transmitted by her to her new-born son and thus she committed suicide being depressed about the same fact, appears to be plausible," the court said.


"Thus the accused has cogently explained the reasons for the committal of suicide of his wife," it said.

According to the prosecution, the woman, fed up with the harassment for dowry by her husband Dass, had hanged herself to death in her house in September 2009.

Dass and the woman had got married in 2003 and they divorced each other in 2005 and started living separately. They, however, re-married each other in 2008 and the woman gave birth to a boy in 2009, it said. (More)