Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SC asks Mandolin U Srinivas to Pay 50 Lakhs to wife; all because wife was "Cruel" !!! NOT joking !!

U Srinivas marriage dissolved

NEW DELHI, Dec 11, 2012, DHNS:
The Supreme Court on Tuesday put its seal of approval on dissolution of the marriage of Mandolin player U Srinivas and wife U Sree. 
Srinivas, who married Sree on November 19, 1994, at Tirupathi, has been asked to pay Rs 50 lakh as permanent alimony, including Rs 20 lakh that will be kept in fixed deposit for their 17-year-old son.

A bench of justices K S Radhakrishnan and Dipak Misra dismissed an appeal filed by Sree, a Veena player, challenging the Madras High Court order affirming the family court’s decision to grant the decree of divorce to Srinivas.

Sree has been living separately with their son at Hyderabad for about 16 years.  The apex court found substance in charges of “mental cruelty”  levelled by Srinivas against Sree. He had alleged that Sree showed “immense dislike to his devotion to music contempt to the tradition of teacher and disciple.”

“It has been graphically demonstrated that she had not shown the slightest concern for the public image of her husband on many occasions by putting him in embarrassing situations, leading to humiliation. She has made wild allegations about conspiracy in her husband’s family to get him married again for dowry and there is no evidence on record to substantiate the same. This, in fact, is an aspersion not only on the character of the husband but also a maladroit effort to malign the reputation of the family,” the apex court said.


================= questions ==============

IF the court found her cruel and that wife showed immense dislike to his only profession, why should U Srinivas pay Rs. 50 Lakhs ?????
what is the meaning of dismissing the wife's petition when the headline is ..." 50 Lakhs..."
IF I am cruel to MY wife or IF any man is cruel to his wife will SC grant me 50 Lakhs ???