Saturday, December 1, 2012

How false 498a cases wreck a whole family

#Tamil_News : Rough translation

Alangudi : Pudikottai District : Tamil Nadu

Three sons and parents are living in a joint family; One of the sons gets married in 2011; Wife has mis understandings and goes back to her father's house. Wife's family returns to hubby's village, but can't see hubby's people; wife's family breaks open husband's family door and "settles" wife in hubby's (joint family) house !! ; Hubby's brother is forced to go to police (against trespass) ; Learning all this hubby consumes poison;

So wife files false 498a against rest of hubby's family; Hubby's brother et all ; Hearning this hubby's brother is supposed to have jumped into a speeding rail and committed suicide (though the police have NOT confirmed the cause) ; The entire family is shaken to the core; Villagers are holding a dharna in front of Pudukottai Superintendent's office