Monday, July 1, 2013

whaaat? it wasn't rape?? just consented marriage after all? Court acquits man of rape, kidnap charges Girl was in love with him !!

Salient Points
  • Girl says she was in love with this man, Lokesh
  • Girls says they voluntarily boarded a bus, went to a relative's house, got married and went to an Ashram at Rishikesh
  • Irrespective of that this man has been arrested, jailed and his name sullied .... he has been charged with RAPE !!
  • The girl supports the man at the court !!
  • they say they were married in court !!
  • Court lets him walk FREE
  • What happens to the man's name, his family's name ???


**Court acquits man of rape, kidnap charges**

TNN | Jul 1, 2013, 01.31 AM IST


**NEW DELHI: A youth accused of abducting and raping a 19-year-old girl has been acquitted by a Delhi court on the ground that the couple were in love and married with each other's consent.**

Additional sessions judge T R Naval allowed Delhi resident Lokesh to walk free, saying the prosecution could not prove its case against him and **gave him the benefit of doubt after the girl did not support the prosecution's version in the court, and said she was in love with him.**

According to the prosecution, the family members of the girl had lodged a missing complaint on September 6, 2011 after she did not return home from school. The family suspected that Lokesh, who lived near their house, might have enticed the girl and taken her away. On September 17, 2011, Lokesh's father produced his son and the girl at the police station, following which Lokesh was arrested.

**Charges of abduction and rape were filed against him.**

"It is held that the prosecution has failed to prove its case against the accused beyond reasonable suspicion and shadow of doubt that he kidnapped the girl out of keeping of her lawful guardianship of her parents, etc. and that she was kidnapped, abducted or enticed away by the accused in order to compel her to marry him, etc," the court reasoned, after sifting through the evidence on record.

**In her testimony, the girl said supported Lokesh and told the court that they had boarded a bus to UP and went to the house of Lokesh's relative after getting married. They also visited Rishikesh and stayed at an ashram, she said, adding that they did not have any physical relation.**

During the trial, the accused denied the charges and said he was in love with the girl and had together decided to elope. He further said they married in a court and thereafter, informed his parents about it.