Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Are American / western laws Anti FEMALE ??

Request to international bloggers, rights groups fighting for family & men's rights

This rich man called Chris Arnade is a famous blogger writing about prostitution in New York's Brox area.

This man claims that women are forced into prostitution due to anti FEMALE ...repeat ANTI FEMALE laws....

I am dead sure that the Indian Laws are ANTI MALE and NOT anti female, but I have no clue on Laws in US of America

I guess that American / Western Laws are equally loaded against the husband / against the male with many many privileges and entitlements for the women, single mothers and so on

However Chris Claims that women are into prostitution (inter alia) because of laws biased against women


and here is what he claims ".... To change this, we have to change our entire society.  It means addressing the awful income gap that plagues our country. It means changing laws that target the poor, minorities, and women. It means ending the war on drugs. ...."

The above are from his blog where he argues that these things are needed to stop / change women falling into prostitution


Here is a link to his blog ....

Could some of you please help clarify ??

Chris is an influential blogger and is regularly re blogged

This sort of writing could do considerable damage to family and male freedoms and future law making when this sort of anti male stuff is parroted and re blogged

Please do NOT take my word for truth.... please read the above blog and help me understand IF American Laws are really ANTI FEMALE ??

thanks in advance