Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dowry cases a money spinner, claims top cop; well-knit network to dupe those involved in dowry cases!!

Dowry cases a money spinner, claims top cop

Postnoon | June 24, 2013 |


Is there a well-knit network to dupe those involved in dowry cases? Yes, says the deputy commissioner of police Dr Tarun Joshi.

Hyderabad: For some, dowry cases are a god-sent opportunity to mint money. They go by the high-sounding names of counselling or human rights, warn DCP Dr Tarun Joshi

Is there a well-knit network to mulct those involved in dowry cases? Yes, says Joshi. Not just that, many masquerading as women mandals and human rights organisations are indeed making hay while the sun shines.

The revelation came out at a workshop the DCP conducted to highlight the disturbing issues involved in dowry-related crime cases on Saturday. He said a lot of cases come from the Old City areas and those who get caught are being trapped by spurious mahila mandal committees or fake human rights activists. Since dowry cases are strong and legal help essential, some unscrupulous take advantage of the unwary people.

Joshi warned them. "I have issued orders to all the police stations to collect details of these fake organisations making profit from human misery. They charge exorbitant rates from the victims and relatives." He also said he had information of a wife of a senior police officer too involved in this shady business. He told people that free legal aid was available to the poor women and those getting caught in this law, if they chose, should go for reputed lawyers, not the suspected organisations with high-sounding names. He welcomed aggrieved public to his office in Purani Haveli if they feel confused or are getting cheated by shady characters.

The workshop was attended by a large number of women. Dr Joshi expressed concern at the growing cases of dowry-related crimes. He said community leaders should take initiative to sort out differences between husband and wife that if left unchecked leads to complications. It is true that many are unaware that both giving and taking dowry is illegal. Besides, it is inhuman to force poor parents to cough up cash.

A notable presence at the meeting was Wakf board chairman Moulana Syed Ghulam Afzal and religious leaders. They too advised parents to desist from giving dowry and demanding dowry.